this week I love :: the first snow day of the year

How timely was one of this week’s Plinky prompts! On the very day this one arrived there were giant snowflakes falling outside my window and I had been snapping photos for a blog post. Like minds!
How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

Snow Day

The snow came Sunday morning after a night of rain and sleet, and it continued all day. Then the temperatures stayed well below freezing overnight and turned the streets into the dreaded black ice that plagues Texas winters, so schools were closed on Monday and our snow day was extended. Though the roads were cleared by Tuesday, we still have snow on the ground even today because our temperatures have remained in the low 30s during the day and in the teens at night. This is not a typical North Texas winter! Last year we saw the same kind of snow but it lasted only one day and didn’t arrive until February. If this early snow is any indication, we may have a really awesome white winter ahead of us. And that makes me very happy!

While the snow was coming down on Sunday I just stayed indoors and enjoyed the scene outside my window. Giant snowflakes swirling through the north winds, classic movies on my TV all day, taco soup simmering in the slow cooker, and a little digital scrapping in my pajamas. That is truly a PERFECT day in my book!

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
First up on the movie marathon was Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. After that I watched The Thin Man with William Powell and Myrna Loy, which I found truly delightful, and then I enjoyed Joan Crawford (with John Ireland, below) in Queen Bee. Later, I was mesmerized by Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole in The Lion in Winter, and capped off the day with my first viewing (I know, I know!) of Legends of the Fall, which reminded me once again how good an actor Brad Pitt was before he was “Brad Pitt.”
Queen Bee
In case you didn’t know, taco soup is the perfect meal for a cold winter day. Trust me!
taco soup


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  1. You knew Queen Bee is in my top five Crawford faves, right? I even read the novel that sparked the film. (Amazingly, I found it in a box of books someone was throwing out – I wasn’t even 100% sure it was related to the movie, but it was! One of the best random book finds ever!)

    And totally agree on Legends and Brad.



    • I knew that Mildred Pierce was in your top Crawford favorites but wasn’t sure about Queen Bee. I very much enjoyed it though! I was also surprised to learn that it was one of the only times she played a villain but that became what everyone associated to her. I had no idea!


  2. I think I love her in both Queen Bee and Mildred Pierce because it shows both ends of her acting spectrum. I’m sure I’ve told you the story of how a director once said to her that he needed a single tear to fall from her eye at one point. While this might have flustered lesser actors, she calmly asked, “Which eye?” 😀

    Next up, check out Sudden Fear with Jack Palance. I love that one, too, but I’ve only been able to watch it once…


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