one little word for 2011

I like to choose one word on which to begin my new year’s journey, following in the inspirational footsteps of Ali Edwards, and generally I begin thinking about that word near the end of December. But this year’s word came to me without thought, without effort, and I knew the moment it entered my mind that it was God’s message to me:


I spent most of last year in continual bad health, and that was actually the culmination of nearly fifteen years of fluctuating health issues. I’ve lost many jobs over the years due to illness and recurring issues, and it’s simply time to kick that out of my life… once and for all.

So, 2011 is the year for good health. It’s the year to lose weight that bogs me down. It’s the year to eat foods that increase the good things and to kick the habits that bring about the bad things in my life. 2011 is the year to conquer insomnia. I pray it is the year that I am finally healed.

There’s a period at the end of my word for this year. That’s intentional. It’s time to make this happen for good. Period. Done. I can’t think of a better way to spend the year, can you?

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One Little Word is a yearly challenge issued by Ali Edwards. Visit her blog to participate with me.. There’s a second One Little Word challenge being shared at Grit and Glory. You can head over there to join that community if it is more your style.


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  1. i SO need to get better at eating healthily. how’s your year going so far with this?


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