Films I Saw in 2010 :: The Complete List

Though I keep a fairly good running commentary of movies that I see at the cinema and on DVD throughout each year, I’m not able to devote time to each and every film I watch through all of the mediums currently available. However, in recent years I have made it a habit to keep a simple daily log of all the TV and movies that I watch over the 12-month period, and I try to post a simple blurb about anything that stands out or surprises me. This year’s list of movies is probably 99% complete — allowing for a missed calendar entry here or there — and I have also included a basic rating from zero (depicted as “— —”) to 5 stars. This rating is purely subjective, of course, and most often derived from emotional connections (or lack thereof) and whether I found any merit in the performances of the players. You will see, for instance, that I may have given a median rating to a few truly horrible movies and then given a lesser rating to a film that performed better with the critics or the masses; my reasoning is often that I found the ensemble of actors to wholeheartedly commit to their characters, even when there was no way to salvage the film (as in Smokin’ Aces 2), but did not see such engagement in the film of higher expectation (such as Whiteout). Similarly, I ranked a few critically-acclaimed films (and Oscar-recognized classics) lower in my estimation because they did not resonate with me personally, but may have found a deeper connection to a film with a great many flaws. Like I said, it’s all very subjective. But that’s the reason I love movies so much in the first place and why I spend time documenting these thoughts each year. In ten or twenty or thirty years, some of these films may affect me differently, and I will appreciate having a record of my thought process at this stage of my life.

Feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions about the movies listed here. I’d love to know how they may have affected you!

rating: one star 28 Days Later (TV) rating: two stars Last of Mrs. Cheyney, The (TCM)
rating: two stars 42nd Street (TCM) rating: four stars Lawrence of Arabia (TCM)
rating: three stars Above Suspicion (TCM)
rating: one star Layer Cake (Starz)
rating: one star Abyss, The (TV)
rating: four stars Legend of Bagger Vance, The (TV)
rating: two stars Across the Universe (TV)
rating: three stars Love In The Afternoon (TCM)
rating: four stars Adam (DVD)
rating: two stars Lying To Be Perfect (Lifetime)
rating: four stars African Queen, The (TCM)
rating: four stars Man on Fire (AMC)
rating: two stars Alice (miniseries) (SyFy) rating: four stars Marley & Me (HBO)
rating: two stars Alice Adams (TCM)
rating: five stars Matrix, The (TV)
rating: three stars Alice in Wonderland 3-D (DVD)
rating: four stars Matrix Reloaded, The (TV)
rating: two stars All That Jazz (AMC)
rating: two stars Matrix Revolutions, The (TV)
rating: two star All the King’s Men (1949) (TCM)
rating: two stars Meet Me In St. Louis (TCM)
rating: two stars Amelia (Pay-Per-View)
rating: three stars Miracle on 34th Street (1947) (AMC)
rating: three stars American Psycho (Starz)
rating: three stars Mr. and Mrs. Loving (TV)
rating: four stars An American in Paris (TCM) rating: three stars Mrs. Miniver (TCM)
rating: three stars August Rush (Starz)
rating: two stars Murder on the Orient Express (2010) (Masterpiece Mystery)
rating: one star Band Wagon, The (TCM)
rating: three stars My Blueberry Nights (IFC)
rating: three stars Becoming Jane (Starz)
rating: three stars Night At The Opera, The (TCM)
rating: four stars Body of Lies (HBO)
rating: two stars No Reservations (Starz)
rating: four stars Breakfast at Tiffany’s (TCM)
rating: four stars Notorious (TCM)
rating: two stars Bright Lights, Big City (AMC)
rating: three stars Paris Blues (TCM)
rating: three stars Brubaker (TCM)
rating: one star Pitch Black (TV)
rating: five stars Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (TCM)
rating: four stars Pride & Prejudice (TCM)
rating: three stars Casablanca (TCM)
rating: one star Ransom! (1956) (TCM)
rating: three stars Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (TCM)
rating: two stars Red Eye (TV)
rating: four stars Catch Me If You Can (TV)
rating: two stars Reds (TCM)
rating: three stars Changeling (DVD)
rating: four stars
Right Stuff, The (TV)
rating: three stars Charlie Wilson’s War (HBO)
—/span> Ring of Deceit (Lifetime)
rating: three stars Chronicles of Narnia, The: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (cinema)
Riverworld (SyFy)
rating: three stars Cincinnati Kid, The (TCM)
rating: three stars Robin Hood (cinema)
rating: four stars Count of Monte Cristo, The (Encore)
rating: four stars Roman Holiday (TCM)
rating: three stars Crazy Heart (DVD)
rating: two stars Room With A View, A (TCM)
rating: one star Cutthroat Island (AMC) rating: one star Runaways, The (DVD)
rating: two stars Da Vinci Code, The (TV)
rating: three stars Salt (cinema)
rating: four stars Dances With Wolves (TCM)
rating: three stars Serpico (AMC)
rating: one star Deadly Isolation (Lifetime)
rating: two stars Sex and the City (TV edit)
rating: one star Deep Blue Sea (TV)
rating: three stars Sherlock Holmes (DVD)
rating: four stars Dial M For Murder (TCM)
rating: one star Single Man, A (DVD)
rating: three stars Diary of Anne Frank (Masterpiece Classic)
rating: one star Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball (DVD)
rating: three stars Dirty Dozen, The (TCM)
rating: three stars Some Like It Hot (TCM)
rating: two stars Doctor Zhivago (2002) (TV)
rating: four stars Somebody Up There Likes Me (TCM)
rating: three stars Dreamgirls (TV)
rating: three stars Splendor in the Grass (TCM)
rating: three stars Duplicity (HBO)
rating: four stars Stage Door (TCM)
rating: three stars Eagle Eye (HBO)
rating: three stars Sunset Boulevard (TCM)
rating: one star Eat Pray Love (DVD)
rating: four stars
Sweet Bird of Youth (TCM)
rating: two stars Eloise at the Plaza (Disney Channel) Swimfan (DVD)
rating: three stars Few Good Men, A (TV)
rating: two stars Swiss Family Robinson (TCM)
rating: two stars From Here To Eternity (TCM)
rating: four stars Taps (AMC)
rating: three stars Frozen (DVD)
rating: three stars Tender Mercies (TCM)
rating: three stars Gangs of New York (TV)
rating: three stars Terminator Salvation (HBO)
rating: two stars Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (TCM)
rating: two stars The 60s (miniseries) (TV)
rating: three stars Ghost Writer, The (DVD)
rating: three stars The Expendables (Pay-Per-View)
rating: two stars Gracie (TV)
rating: four stars The Pacific (DVD)
rating: three stars Grand Hotel (TCM)
rating: two stars Time Traveler’s Wife, The (PPV)
rating: three stars Green Zone (Pay-Per-View)
rating: four stars Titanic (TV)
rating: two stars Gypsy (1962) (TCM)
rating: four stars To Catch a Thief (TCM)
rating: one star Harper (TCM)
rating: five stars To Kill A Mockingbird (TCM)
rating: three stars High Fidelity (TV)
rating: three stars Toy Story 3 (cinema)
rating: three stars Holiday Inn (TCM)
rating: two stars Unanswered Prayers (Lifetime)
rating: three stars Hud (TCM)
rating: three stars Until They Sail (TCM)
rating: four stars Hurt Locker, The (DVD)
rating: three stars Up In The Air (cinema)
rating: three stars In Cold Blood (HBO)
rating: three stars Veronica Guerin (Starz)
rating: five stars Inception (cinema)
rating: one star War and Peace (TCM)
rating: two stars Inside Daisy Clover (TCM)
rating: two stars West Side Story (TCM)
rating: two stars Intermezzo: A Love Story (TCM)
rating: two stars Where The Wild Things Are (DVD)
rating: three stars International, The (Encore) rating: two stars White Christmas (TCM)
rating: five stars It’s a Wonderful Life (TV)
Whiteout (DVD)
rating: four stars Jeremiah Johnson (TCM)
rating: three stars Without Love (TCM)
rating: three stars Jumper (TV)
Wuthering Heights (1939) (TCM)
rating: one star Key Largo (TCM)
rating: two stars X-Men Origins: Wolverine (DVD)
rating: three stars Knight and Day (cinema)
rating: three stars Year Without a Santa Claus, The (TV)

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