one little word for 2010 :: year-end review

Back in January I chose SAIL as my one little word for 2010, noting that I wanted to allow winds of change to move me forward, to stand back and let God determine my path, to let Him fill my sails and take me where He wanted me to go. As I contemplate this year that’s now closing I realize I’ve not really done that with purpose, but I haven’t resisted Him either. Instead, I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern, waiting and watching and hoping for something greater. Oftentimes I’ve felt that I’ve been keeping myself there, while other times it felt as if God was simply telling me to keep watching for His best. It’s been an unusual year of emotion for me in that all of the difficulties (unemployment, illness, uncertainty) have not been accompanied by fear and worry but by a sense of calm and faith. And I absolutely loved feeling those things in the midst of questions about my future. So, while I’ve not done much sailing, I’ve certainly felt the tides of life rock me back and forth this year. Thankfully, I know the Source of Peace in the midst of storms.

Check back at the end of the week for my selection of One Little Word for 2011.
©2002 Jeremy Ginsberg
photo credit: ©2002 Jeremy Ginsberg, linked to source

One Little Word is an annual challenge by Ali Edwards. You can read up on previous years and then join the challenge for 2011 by visiting her blog at


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