reverb10 :: Make.

What was the last thing you made? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

reverb10This particular prompt came in late Sunday night for posting on yesterday’s date, but when I first read it I simply had nothing to say. And also, I had a million things to say. But no words for all the thoughts and all the projects that suddenly came rushing to the forefront of my mind. Anyone who has visited my blog even infrequently will know that I am constantly inspired to CREATE. It’s truly a driving force for me. Unfortunately, it’s also my Achilles heel. I get completely inspired, motivated even, and then rarely follow through. I keep volumes of ideas from magazines and the internets, and I look at them wistfully and say “one day,” but never quite make that day happen. So to ask me “what have you made this year” and “what do you want to make next” is simultaneously cruel and accusatory to my personal spirit. I simply had no answers to give and figured I would just skip that day’s prompt entirely. I was content with that decision until just one hour ago.

While posting some new entries into Evernote, I ran across a note I left for myself back in October. It contained a link to a blog that I had seen referenced in a magazine and wanted to explore. I couldn’t even remember why I was intrigued with it, and the first few posts, though enchanting, didn’t provide any clues as to why I felt this site would be so important. But then I encountered this: 2nd Grade VISUAL JOURNALS. My heart sang. I’m sure I heard voices of angels, as well. Suddenly I remembered what it was I wanted to make. FIVE YEARS AGO. And there before me was the very inspiration to make it happen and the manner in which to do it. I literally threw my hands in the air and proclaimed, “THAT’S IT!!!!” So… here’s the (partial) answer to the reverb10 prompt.

I have always wanted to create a scrapbook of my pop culture fascinations throughout the years. In the past I’ve clipped innumerable images and articles from Entertainment Weekly with intentions of pasting them into a giant book and waxing poetic on how important each and every obsession has been to me throughout the years. I purchased a 12×12 album, I mentally designed a cover and a title page and countless individual pages showcasing the actors and movies and TV series that have consumed my days and nights for most all my life. But never once have I actually committed those thoughts to paper. The album binder is still wrapped in cellophane, the many blank cardstock pages are still tucked away in drawers, and most of my clippings have actually gone the way of the recycle bin as I decided I could obtain everything I needed online and create the pages digitally instead. There have always been great intentions but not one thing has ever come of it.

This month I’ve taken my first steps into scrapbooking, after more than a decade of “collecting supplies,” by participating in December Daily, and I’ve also been gathering further inspiration from an online class called Inspiration Everywhere. Along with the Visual Journals at Dispatch from LA, I have a clear plan on how to make my Pop Culture Journal a reality. FINALLY. I don’t need to design perfectly balanced scrapbook pages. I don’t need crisp and clean layouts. I don’t even need words on every page. All I need to do is create a visual journal. And so here’s my plan:

  1. Take the clippings I still have and print out all the bookmarked images and paste them down. Just lay them out on cardstock and adhere.
  2. Fill in the white space surrounding those images with any number of thoughts, ideas, memories, embellishments, etc.
  3. Don’t think too much.
  4. Just lay it all down and write/draw/color/paint whatever comes to mind.
  5. Or not.
  6. But definitely commit the clippings to paper. And then slip them into the album binder.
  7. And walk away.
  8. Return to Step One and repeat all.

So, that’s a pretty good plan, right? Less thinking, more doing. And then next year, when this question comes up again, I’ll have something to show. And maybe even something more to tell.
Stay Tuned.


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