Day Eight of the Advent

I believe people have more in common with each other than they are generally willing to discover.
I believe the outward appearance rarely matches what’s inside.
I believe the creative spirit is God’s greatest gift to the human experience and every single person can manifest it if only they find the right medium.
I believe art is highly subjective and should never be dismissed because I simply don’t care for it.
I believe the beauty and power of music and literature transcends my ability to understand them.
I believe that children and animals hear the voice of God and see the angels that surround us as if they are made of flesh and bone. And I believe I can also return to that childlike state if I simply sit still and let God show me.
I believe that God created music for all manner of instruments and that He is honored as much (if not more) by the beat of a drum set as He is by the melodies of a violin.
I believe my hands were meant to be raised to the heavens when the Spirit of God fills my soul.
I believe the gates of heaven are open to everyone, but there is only One Escort who can take you through.
I believe in second chances. And thirds and fifths and seventy-times-seventh chances.
I believe the spirit of Christmas is an attitude that should be cultivated and practiced long past the 30 days of the season.

I Believefonts: Modern No. 20 (date, “Believe” title), Maiandra (journaling)
I can’t find the designer’s name for the circle element, but please drop me a note if you happen to know so I can give proper credit.



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