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Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year.

reverb10A couple days ago I lamented that 2010 had been pretty crummy, but as I ponder today’s topic I realize it wasn’t that bad at all. And in fact, it was kinda awesome. Sure, I became unemployed — again — and the economy is terrible and prospects are slimmer than ever before, but where it truly matters… where life finds its meaning… it has been a really great year.

There isn’t one moment in which I’ve felt most alive, but rather a series of them. All related to my role as aunt to a girl and three boys. And 2010 has been more full of those moments than ever before. I’m reminded of basketball games, of football games, of drill team showcases, of board games played and movies shared and lots and lots of laughter and silliness. There’s the trip to see Wicked with Kiwi, where my heart felt as if it would explode with joy and amazement and my pride swelled to a bursting point as I watched her take it all in with equal measures of wonder and hope for her own future. There’s my most recent trip with WS to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park (which I haven’t even posted yet!) and how exciting it was to hear him speak of his first “real” train ride and first visit to the downtown area of the city. He took almost as many photos as me and couldn’t take it all in fast enough! Then there are the many afternoons (and a few nights) spent with the last boy, just hanging out and playing games, watching Charlie Brown and Playhouse Disney, hitting the car wash, talking and being silly together, as good friends will do. And the moments with the first boy, which are fewer and fewer as he grows older but are more and more precious each time. We have our standing date to view the latest Narnia film upcoming, and I can’t think of a better way to cap the year together.

This year has been more full of moments like these than ever before, and it’s the first year that I’ve been able to spend one-on-one time with every single child in a meaningful way and with just two of us at a time. The older they get, the more challenging that will become, and so I reflect on this year as one of the greatest with regard to building relationships and strengthening our friendships. There were lots of family events, too, like Kiwi’s lakeside birthday celebration and sunrise worship on Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving with extended family, but those moments pale in comparison to the one-on-one moments with each of the kids. They are my treasures, the only children in my life, and they make every day a blessing. Which makes the year full of blessings and overshadows everything else.

a girl + 3 boys


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Love, love, love being an aunt – one of the best kept secrets I think.


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