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What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

reverb10Boy, oh boy, is that a loaded question! I like what Ali Edwards said in her post today, that everything we do contributes to our writing in some way — my friend Cerella is constantly reminding me of this when I lament yet another day/week/month gone by without the writing I long to do — but at the same time, it’s not truly writing if I never put text to paper/screen, now is it? And while I find myself writing something every day, I rarely consider it “my writing.” So perhaps my main problem is exactly what the author of today’s reverb10 prompt is alluding to: FOCUS.

I do any number of other things besides write the very project I want to work on. I write blog entries, but that’s not the writing I want to be doing. I read blogs, I read magazines, I read any number of other things instead of write. I watch TV. I watch much TV. And currently, I spend a great deal of time looking for work. That last one can’t be eliminated, of course, so it boils down to the former things. All of which have pulled my focus away from the primary project. And all of which can be eliminated in some measure to allow more time for what I want to be writing.

It’s a goal, to be certain. And a plan that must be made. It’s about priorities. I let everything get in the way of the things I wish I was doing. Why? That’s a question for another day. Mainly because I don’t know the answer. But “priorities” is the key. And, like the point of this reverb exercise, it’s what I will need to choose, to manifest, in the next year.


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