This Week I Love: Town History

This week I accompanied the last boy on a field trip to learn about the history of our town. In a single square block, some of the town’s original homes have been relocated and restored for the public to tour, and each home features a guide dressed in turn-of-the-20th-century styles who speaks as the original homeowner. With a group of third graders, I was able to tour two of the historic homes, — including McKinney’s oldest still-standing residence, dating from 1850 — as well as a restored General Store and an inn that served as a lunch hot spot for the lawyers and businessmen of the town and a popular bed-and-breakfast for stagecoach (and later, train) travelers who passed through.
While there simply wasn’t enough time (or attention span in the children) to see everything, I gained more knowledge about my current town than I’ve known in the past five years of living here. I very much look forward to returning to this little piece of history to take notes for a planned 2011 series about our town. I’m reminded yet again how far this country has come in such a short time, and I am beginning to understand how historic this area of Texas truly is.

          D is standing in front of the kitchen fireplace in the Faires House, our town’s oldest home

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