Gratitude: A True Autumn

Living in Texas means having two annual seasons: HOT and Cold. There is generally a moment of spring followed by an interminable summer which holds on for dear life until a split second of autumn gives way to windy, rainy, icy winters. We don’t have the pleasure of weeks and weeks with brisk fall breezes and colorful leaves that drift to the ground lazily to signal the onset of the holidays. Instead, we generally see temperatures in the 80s and even 90s until almost (and sometimes into) December, and our leaves simply shrivel up and vacate the trees overnight. It’s not unlikely for Texans to wear flip flops until Christmas or beyond. Our fall season really only means one thing: football. But this year has been different.

The temperatures in North Texas began dropping in early September, providing an average in the mid-80s and nights in the 60s, and then October brought even cooler temps down to the 50s at night. This month we’re experiencing quite a lot of days in the 70s, and nights have been true sweater (and sometimes heavier jacket) weather. I can’t remember the last time this was true for us! But the best part of all has been the color. There’s not much of it — certainly nothing comparable to other parts of the country — but in my own neighborhood I’ve seen more trees in color than any other time in my life. And for that I’m so thankful! Autumn has finally been true to its name.

This is typically the extent of fall color for us.


And this one tree is generally faithful to turn each year… for about two weeks.


But in five years of living here, I’ve never seen this… and right in my own complex! A true blessing.



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