Presently: Blake Shelton

I’ve learned that it’s good to watch the Country Music Awards in order to put names to the songs I hear on the radio. Quite often I’ve been diggin’ an artist’s music without really searching them out, and that was the case last night after watching the 2010 Awards. I realized that I’ve been seriously loving Blake Shelton for more than a year now and never quite noticing it. I just loved his songs whenever they came up in a playlist or on the radio! But after seeing him and his gal on their big night and putting his music to his face, I’m all the way in. I’ve been listening to his most recent albums all day and truly love most every song. Totally hooked!
Current favorites are She Wouldn’t Be Gone and Who Are You When I’m Not Looking.
But, of course, you can never go wrong with Hillbilly Bone. Ha ha.

Blake Shelton - All About Tonight


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