dread the undead

The zombie apocalypse has arrived.
What do you do?
The Walking Dead

My friend Cerella likes to say, “Everything’s better with zombies!” and I laughingly agree. Despite my dislike of horror films and anything that might linger in my subconscious (or rather, appear to lurk in the shadows) as I attempt to fall asleep, there’s just something less menacing about zombies that makes them easier to tolerate onscreen. I suppose it has to do with all the years that zombies have been portrayed as brainless, slow-moving creatures who really only get you by crashing through walls or cornering you as a mob. They just seemed to be the easiest of the undead to run from, thus making it kinda funny to watch zombie tales without ever being truly frightened.

That theory was turned on its head a few years ago when I saw I Am Legend, the Will Smith thriller about a world rid of humanity due to a communicable virus that wiped out entire populations in a very short time. In Legend, the zombies were terrifying shadow-dwellers who moved like lightning and had more in common with rabid beasts than with rotting corpses. Interestingly, I count I Am Legend among favorite films. It’s terrifying to me, but it has emotional depth that I simply did not expect. It is this reason, in fact, that I have decided to watch AMC’s new series, premiering tonight, called The Walking Dead. The posters and the few snippets I’ve read lead me to believe it will have more in common with Legend than with, say, Night of the Living Dead, and that intrigues me. I’m also fond of lead cast members Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies, so The Walking Dead has a lot going for it, in my mind. I feel certain it will at once terrify and delight me, making this Halloween better than any other since college (when I stopped participating and celebrating it).

So, the answer to the question: What do you do when the zombie apocalypse arrives? Do you really need to ask? “YOU RUN, DUMMY! Run and hide! Then you get outta Dodge as fast you can.” And if you survive, you write a great story about it. 😀

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  1. Before the zombie apocalypse arrives, everyone should read the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It is filled with helpful information on surviving the zombie horde on both land and sea. =D



  2. I know. I’m kinda amazed by that, too. lol

    But seriously? The Zombie Survival Guide had me practically rolling on the floor of the Borders cafe. I received many strange looks…but it was worth it because I now know how to harpoon a zombie should the need ever arise. =D


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