this week I love: Yankees vs. Rangers

I’ve lived in the Dallas area my entire life, and while growing up my family always went to Texas Rangers baseball games in Arlington during summer vacations. But the last time I’ve been a Rangers fan was during the late 70s/early 80s, back when the PA announcer used names like Buddy Bell, Bucky Dent, and Jim Sundberg. But they are my hometown team, and because I love baseball with undying passion, I will visit the Ballpark in Arlington and root for the boys in red. Unless, of course, my favorite team comes to town, and then I’m all Yankees, all the time.
This week has been the American League Championship Series between my favorite New York Yankees and my hometown Texas Rangers. I’m rooting for my Yankees, of course, but if this is finally the Rangers’ year, I’ll happily pick up the chant and root them on throughout the World Series. First and foremost, I’m an American League girl, but I’m also quite proud of the Rangers and so impressed with the players on this current team. (It was the players themselves that made me a Yankees fan in the first place!) For the Rangers, though, it’s taken an entire franchise history to even get to this semi-final level, and watching the ALCS has been nothing less than joyful. I know my Yankees won’t go down without a fight, but if they do go down, it’s pretty cool to have a built-in loyalty to their victors.
And the last boy will be thrilled with my joining his side.

ALCS duel


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  1. Ah, Jim Sundberg, my favorite player as a child. I was a Dr. Pepper Jr Ranger, and he was their spokesman, and because of that, he was the man. I always had an affinity for catchers because of him, guess that’s why I loved Pudge so much. Jim is also a fellow brother in Christ, so all the more respect for him.


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