a list of threes

3 Places I Would Immediately Pack My Travel Bag For:
  • Australia
  • Scotland
  • Chicago
3 Moods That Describe Me The Best:
  • pensive
  • cautious
  • quirky (does that count as a mood?)
3 Things I Always Think Of Doing On A Weekend:
  • reading (and then rarely do)
  • visiting a museum (but always decide to wait for a day with fewer people)
  • heading out to a movie (then decide to watch TCM in pajamas instead)
3 Things From My Childhood That I Can’t Forget:
  • Merlin
  • Yo-Yos (my first “high heels”)
  • the first movie I saw against adult orders: Grease
3 Things I Would Never Say No To:
  • a baseball game with one of the kids
  • a retreat to the mountains
  • tamales
3 Things I Don’t Like To Live Without:
  • spending time with family
  • access to the internet
  • visual entertainments
3 On-Screen Characters I Love To Watch:
  • Olivia Dunham from Fringe
  • Parker from Leverage
  • Pippin and Merry from Lord of the Rings (you can’t really have one without the other, now can you?)
these topics were borrowed from Monday Mayhem: The 3 Things Meme

About Jules Q

sharing stories of life, faith, and love for pop culture

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  1. You are cautious? I really did not know that!!
    My surprising cousin,

    Love you!


    • Oh, yes. In my heart I *want* to be adventurous, and I *can* be spontaneous, but I’m far more likely to stay in the safe and comfortable zone than put myself out in the fray with no assurances. My natural state is soft and cushiony with little risk. But I long to be less so! God’s been working on me for a long, long time in these areas. 🙂


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