Thursday Thirteen

blogs I love and make a point to visit regularly
  1. habit: a collection of days
  2. SNAPSHOTS {of a good life}
  3. Yeah, Write: journaling, scrapbooking, & other -ing verbs
  4. Stony River, home of Microfiction Monday
  5. The Word Cellar (stories)
  6. thx thx thx: a thank you note a day
  7. hula seventy
  8. Ali Edwards, Memory Keeping for the Modern World
  9. The Pioneer Woman
10. Further Dispatches: actor Jorge Garcia and his post-LOST stories
11. The Bumbles Blog {clumsy thoughts for clumsy people}
12. They Told Me To Find A Rich Husband or: Insights into Modern Romance from a 20-Something Singleton
13. …and most of all, the blog of my best good friend, Cerella D. Sechrist at
     The Cerella Life
 >>>check out more lists of 13 at Thursday Thirteen

About Jules Q

sharing stories of life, faith, and love for pop culture

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  1. I made the cut!!! And you saved the best for last, too!!! I feel like I should thank the Academy… ;D



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