October 4, 2010 / DVD Rental
My choosing this movie is another case of watching something I normally wouldn’t simply and only for an actor. In this case that’s Shawn Ashmore, a beloved of mine since his Disney days, before X-Men came along and made him a familiar face to the general public. I’ve seen a few films just for him that I would never have made time for otherwise, including The Ruins, which still creeps me out but has become one of those movies I can’t resist when I see it on TV. With Frozen, my hesitation would normally have been the horrific nature of the story. I don’t do any kind of horror, of course, and I typically avoid stories that include gruesome scenes that will linger in my mind, and Frozen was guaranteed to be one of those films. It’s the story of three college students on a ski weekend who find themselves forgotten and trapped on a ski lift after all of the employees go home for the week. The terror comes in the inevitable: knowing that no one is coming to rescue them and trying to survive the high altitude, the freezing temperatures, and the wildlife that surrounds them on the ground. It’s a harrowing thought, and the film is beautifully shot to provide every terrifying emotion that you would go through in such a situation. I cringed and squirmed and squealed and covered my eyes repeatedly throughout the film, and I was simultaneously horrified and saddened at the trials the three kids went through. Frozen is the best kind of horror movie in that it’s not meant for shock value but for real-life terror. Watching it gave me the same experience as Open Water and as Jaws before that; you can be certain I won’t be jumping on any ski lifts without long and serious thought.

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