(Wednesday) Movie List ~ Films I’ve Seen in 2010, Part Four

WhiteoutApril 5, 2010 / DVD Rental
There are some movies I watch solely for the actors involved, and Whiteout is one of those films. I like Kate Beckinsale, but I love Gabriel Macht, so I gave the movie a try. Macht could not save this film. Not even the lovely addition of Alex O’Loughlin using his natural Australian voice could save this film. It’s a laughable, ridiculous mess, and I simply skipped forward through the scenes until Macht showed up again. Even that was a waste of time.
The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci CodeApril 9, 2010 / TV broadcast
I really had no interest in the Da Vinci books or movies but I watched the sequel because I love Ewan McGregor, and after liking it well enough I decided to go back and watch the beginning of the story, so to speak. And I actually enjoyed it. Paul Bettany was creepy, but he’s sometimes best when creepy. And I loved the chemistry between Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. I’m still no fan of Dan Brown’s books, but the films were enjoyable and worth seeing additional stories in the future.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock HolmesApril 10, 2010 / DVD Rental
With word that Robert Downey Jr. would take on the iconic role of Holmes, and the addition of Jude Law as Watson, there just seemed no better casting in history. But honestly, I think that’s where my love for this film ended. The story (involving the occult) just didn’t appeal to me, and the plot became more and more tedious as the film progressed, though I did love Rachel McAdams’s role. Ultimately, I loved the characters and kinda hated the film. But I’ll be back for more should Downey and Law choose to reprise their roles.
RiverworldApril 18, 2010 / SyFy Movie
Again, nothing good to say about this (ahem) movie. It’s all kinds of bad, even in fast-forward mode. I only watched it for Tahmoh Penikett. And he was lovely, as always. This one is nothing more than eye candy… and very little of that.
A Few Good Men
A Few Good MenApril 19, 2010 / TV broadcast
I know it’s hard to believe, but until this viewing I had never seen A Few Good Men in its entirety. Something about my (then) lack of love for Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jack Nicholson, and films involving the military. But I kept hearing about it from my mom and sister, both of whom loved it and watched it again and again. Having finally seen it now I’m happy to “mark it off the list.” And I did enjoy it. This is just one more instance of how I let my disinterest in the players color my opinion of a movie. You think I’d have learned my lesson by now.
AmeliaApril 23, 2010 / Pay-Per-View
Like many, I’ve always been fascinated by the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, but I knew very little about the woman. Whether the movie offers true insight into her life or not, it is a mostly enjoyable little film. And with Earhart portrayed as a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense woman of strength, Hilary Swank was perfect casting. I could even tolerate Richard Gere in his role as her promoter and husband. But the film isn’t great, and I lost interest from time to time. Had this been on Lifetime or Oxygen network, it would have been a good fit.
West Side Story
West Side StoryApril 30, 2010 / Turner Classic Movies
On the night I watched West Side Story (for the first time, mind you), it was the first in a series of classic films I viewed over the course of a single night. Before, I had never been interested in this film, despite many of the songs being so familiar to me throughout the years. That didn’t change much as I was watching it, though it’s always fun to see actors in their early years. I had just discovered the giftedness of Natalie Wood, and I knew that Rita Moreno played a fantastic supporting role, but beyond them I had no real interest in the film. It may be a beloved story, but it just doesn’t touch any nerves in me.
42nd Street
42nd StreetApril 30, 2010 / Turner Classic Movies
The danger of watching back-to-back-to-back films is that eventually you lose some details and forget exactly what films are about. And while I love the classics, the very early films sometimes run together in my brain. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, that was the case for me with 42nd Street. I think I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to fully absorb it, otherwise I would have better recognized the groundbreaking nature of the film and remembered how influential it became. Still, it’s fascinating for its details of Broadway behind-the-scenes and Broadway during the Depression. Plus, Ginger Rogers is glorious in her role here. I think I’d enjoy it much more on a second viewing with the right crowd and more attention to the details.
Some Like It Hot
Some Like It HotApril 30, 2010 / Turner Classic Movies
Once again, this is a film I had never taken the time to watch but absolutely loved after viewing. For the first time I saw the appeal of Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. And Monroe was the biggest surprise for me; she had never been more than the legend in my mind. But here I saw what made her a star… beyond the image, beyond the glamour. In Some Like It Hot she’s funny and self-deprecating and though still overtly sexy, she’s a lot of fun to watch. And so is Tony Curtis. I’ve definitely become a fan of both now.
An American In Paris
An American in ParisApril 30, 2010 / Turner Classic Movies
Like so many Old Hollywood stars, Gene Kelly is one whose movies I’ve never spent much time with but love to watch when I come across them. And from the very first moments of An American in Paris I was enchanted — by the music, by the actors, by the story and, of course, the setting. The longer it ran, the more enjoyable the film became. I loved it beyond anything I expected, and I look forward to seeing it again and again through the rest of my life. I feel like I’ll love it more as time goes on, and I’ve come to really appreciate the easy talent of Kelly and the charm of young Leslie Caron. I wonder how many people have overlooked this film over the years?

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