Read-A-Thon :: Remains of the Day

Though the Read-A-Thon ended on Sunday, the experience definitely lingers. I slept a few hours after making my final blog post, and then I had to go back to bed in the early evening just to find some rest. Throughout the day today I’ve been napping at odd moments and even fell asleep in a chair at one point! The weekend was full of strange schedules for me, and I think it just finally caught up. My flat has also been the victim of being away from home for a week and then returning to participate in an all-day read-a-thon. And so here are the final few images from my first read-a-thon event.
My Snacks: Cocoa Krispies (which seemed very appropriate after a midday nap), almost a full bag of Cheetos, and my one “meal” of sticky rice with shoyu… all accompanied by much, much Coca-Cola throughout the night
Read-A-Thon snacks
The State of My Kitchen at the conclusion of the Read-A-Thon
  remains of the day
My Blogging Spot as the night wore on
  blogging spot
My Reading Spot in its final state
  reading spot

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  1. Somehow, there is nothing more fun to me than seeing photos where books are scattered throughout a room. I may do an entire blog post on this one day. Glad you shared!



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