Read-A-Thon :: Hours 23-24

24-Hour Read-A-ThonIt took all the strength I had — plus a few moments with my head down and my eyes closed — to resist the urge to give in to the threat of sleep. But I have made it to the end! Sure, I took a good nap midday, but I managed to maintain a mostly-steady pace for 12 straight hours afterward, which makes me feel quite proud. I’ll count that as a success in my first-ever Read-A-Thon experience!
In the end, I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I expected I would, but I’ve learned some valuable lessons for the next time. When April comes around, I’ll be much wiser and much more prepared. The main thing I hoped to accomplish in this first outing was a renewed love of reading, and I believe I’ve found that. I look forward to making time for it as I haven’t done for a couple of years now.
Right now I’m off to dreamland, taking with me thoughts of Terabithia, of country folk in Ford County, of true champions in more than one sense of the word. You can see my official End-of-Event post here, but first, here’s the final tally of the last 2-hour block of devoted reading…
Pages Read This Period: 43 pages
Minutes Spent Reading This Period: 70 minutes
Books Read This Period: Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
Minutes Spent Blogging This Period: 30 minutes
Snacks Consumed This Period: strangely, this desire has fully passed
Cumulative Minutes Spent Reading: 670 minutes
Total Pages Read (in books and magazines): 308 pages
Books Completed So Far: 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 (of 3 separate books), as well as 2 magazines and a handful of blog posts
Cumulative Minutes Spent Blogging: 210 minutes
Total Mini-Challenges Participated In: four

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