2010 Read-A-Thon :: By The Numbers

3 Hours Sleep Acquired the Night Before
12 Hours Time Elapsed Before I Could Fully Participate
4.65 Hours Spent Napping During The Event
670 Minutes Spent Reading
210 Minutes Spent Blogging
308 Pages Read
1 Book Completed
2 Magazine Issues Completed
3 Books Attempted
5 Snacks/Meals Consumed
12 Coke Reward Points Acquired
88 Ounces Caffeine Consumed
21 Tweets Posted
14 Blog Posts Published
193 Blog Views During The Event
23 Comments Received On My Blog
9 Actual Cheers Posted To My Blog (so fun!)
5 Mini-Challenges Participated In
1 Prize Won in a Mini-Challenge
Favorite Mini-Challenge: Submit a photo of something in your house that represents a character in one of the books you are reading for the readathon. Seriously? How could I resist?
character photo challenge: 'The Yankee Years'

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  1. It was so fun to get to read the play-by-play after the event occurred! I did quite a lot of reading myself on Saturday and Sunday though I didn’t participate in the read-a-thon. I confess, though, how you managed to hang with a book about SPORTS for so many hours, I do not understand… ;D Well done!



    • Ah, but, these are my dear Yankees! And the stories in the beginning (never-ending) chapters of the book are solely about the players and games that made me fall in love with the team in the first place! It’s the same as watching DVD featurettes about a beloved movie. So reading the “sports” info was really about reliving those moments I had seen on TV all those years ago. And getting to know my beloved players so much better. I’ll confess, though, that the sections filled with stats-after-stats were tedious at 1:00 a.m. 😉


  2. I’ve decided to look at this in the same way I love the footnotes from a historical novel – telling me what was directly from the pages of history and what was fabricated by the author.

    Because otherwise, I just don’t get it. LOL! 🙂



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