September Listography: Day Thirty

a final September list
1. Why do I blog?
First, to record the finer details of my daily life, and secondly, to share those experiences with the people I love. Should anyone outside of my circle also find something of interest, that’s just God at work through the smaller things of life. And I’m happy to be useful in His plan.
2. Three of my best memories include…
my dual trips to Chicago in 2000, discovering an online community of like-minded women in the early days of the Internet experience, and holding the first boy during the half hour immediately after his birth.
3. The thing I love best about myself is…
that I have survived my past and still remember the powerful lessons I was taught along the journey.
4. The best thing about being a woman is…
being able to fully and publicly experience my emotions without being judged by subjective societal mores.
5. An unique and interesting fact about me is…
I rarely cook and don’t have any confidence in my ability, but during my senior year of high school I won the top two prizes in the foods competition at the county fair. To this day, I can make a near-perfect meringue pie, but practically anything else requires three times longer in the kitchen than it should.
6. Three things I never want to live without are…
a quick way to contact the members of my family, the ability to read and write, and my sense of taste.
7. Four of the best fiction books I’ve ever read include…
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, and The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.
8. Five of the best movies ever made that I also love are….
The Natural, To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings (choose your favorite), The Matrix, and Inception.
9. If I could change my name it would be…
Cerri Alexandra, pronounced with a hard ‘C’ as in “Carrie.” I’d go by Andra, for short.
10. If I could experience a “Freaky Friday” incident, I would like to change places with…
actor Beth Riesgraf during a filming day on Leverage. For one, she gets to do the coolest stunts, and second, she seems to be experiencing a fantastic period of her life right now. And both things would be pretty cool.

today’s list was found at Monday Mayhem while My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name and by list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy.



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  1. Yay for #8!


  2. Love. 🙂 (Especially the part about winning the food competition prizes. I really don’t think I’d have ever guessed that.) ;D



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