a Monday Night List


today was the twenty-seventh day of september.
it’s 68 degrees and nearly midnight and i’ve had the windows open for 36 straight hours.
the forecast for the week shows nothing higher than 85 degrees.
my feet are a bit chilly, and i just had to change from shorts to lounge pants.
this is the beginning of my heaven.
i planned to watch 37 tv series this fall.
no fewer than 11 of the series air within a three hour block on thursday nights.
i’m really good, but even i can’t manage eleven shows on one night.
not even with a dvr and feeds from both the east coast and the west coast.
i dropped one of them altogether, along with another show that airs on tuesday nights.
they were both from the cw network, so it’s no great loss.
after one week, i’ve watched 21 of the 37 shows.
in four days.
hello. my name is J, and i’m a tv junkie.
this is the twenty-fourth list i’ve made on this blog since the first of september.
i’m a few days behind, so there will be several lists posted on tuesday in order to get back on track.
i’ve realized that my lists are not typical.
i can’t simply list things. i have to explain them.
there is always a story.
but isn’t that why you’re here?


About Jules Q

sharing stories of life, faith, and love for pop culture

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  1. “i can’t simply list things. i have to explain them.
    there is always a story.”

    OMG. You just summed me up in 3 sentences. I love it! 🙂



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