September Listography | Day Twenty


things I do every morning when time is not a factor
  1.  wake with no alarm
  2.  choke down 3 tablets of medication with a swig of tepid water left over from the night before
  3.  gag a little on the tepid water
  4.  lie in bed cursing the daylight
  5.  give in to the body’s natural rhythm and make a quick pit stop
  6.  return to bed with hopes of blocking out the cursed daylight
  7.  groan at the realization that I can’t get back to sleep
  8.  check text messages and send out a couple
  9.  pull out electronic Phase 10 and begin the Classic version with 4 players
10.  stare blankly at screen while my brain attempts to understand what’s required to play the game
11.  turn game on and try again
12.  continue texting conversations in between hands of Phase 10
13.  curse game for not letting me win
14.  rejoice when I come from behind
15.  realize that I’m finally awake and make first attempt to crawl out of bed
16.  realize I’m still lying in bed and first attempt was unsuccessful
17.  kick sheets away and drag myself from bed when sun shining through curtains finally heats up the room
18.  curse the blasted heat
19.  put on glasses and take first look in mirror
20.  curse the mirror… and my glasses… and my hair
21.  wrangle hair into tiny little bundle from where it formerly stood straight up on my head, Bride-of-Frankenstein-style
22.  stumble toward kitchen and pour mug of orange juice mixed with second round of morning meds
23.  collapse into living room chair and attempt to begin the day
24.  wonder if I can stand myself without a shower in order to stay in pajamas all day
25.  realize I will be employed again one day and pajama days will no longer be possible
26.  rejoice at the small blessing of this period with no daily demands and praise God for the job that He is preparing down the pike
27.  log onto Facebook to rejoice in the blessings of others
28.  finally look toward the day ahead

morning cuppa

Note: I don’t really curse all that much, but there are lots of grumbles and groans where cursing once existed. And the occasional grunt, as well.

My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name and by list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy



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