September Listography | Day Eighteen


Pixar films in order of preference
I find Pixar films to be nothing short of brilliant, but over their history I have come to love some films more than others. There are some that I’ve seen dozens of times and others than I’ve seen only once or twice and don’t care much to see again. I definitely have my favorites, and that basis is solely on repeat viewing enjoyment, emotional impact, and nostalgia. With each new Pixar film I tend to shuffle the list a bit, but those at the bottom rarely move higher. They simply don’t impact me in the same way that the others do. But the titles at the top of my list are very difficult to rank by preference. And at this point in time, the first two entries are equal favorites. I truly find Pixar films among the best ever made.
  1.  Wall-E (my first thoughts have been reposted at phrenetical today)
  1.  Finding Nemo
  2.  Toy Story
  3.  The Incredibles
  4.  Toy Story 3
  5.  Cars
  6.  Toy Story 2
  7.  Monsters, Inc.
  8.  A Bug’s Life
  9.  UP
10.  Ratatouille
Wall-E  Finding Nemo  Toy Story
The Incredibles  Toy Story 3  Cars  Toy Story 2
Monsters, Inc.  A Bug's Life   UP  Ratatouille
images via Pixar’s website and linked to source

My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name and list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy



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  1. One thing we can always agree on – Pixar films are brilliant! But it’s funny because the two that are lower on your list – A Bug’s Life and Monster’s, Inc. are at the top of mine! But why split hairs? Pixar does a great job with every story it undertakes!



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