September Listography | Day Ten


100 things that I love in the world, part 5
  1. ancient cities
  2. elevated trains
  3. Asian architecture
  4. drumlines
  5. carnivals and fairs
  6. movies viewed under the stars
  7. summer sausage with sharp cheddar cheese
  8. cheesy scrambled eggs
  9. a pancake breakfast after staying out all night
10. chocolate chip cookies that are no longer warm but still soft from the oven
11. white rail fences around lush green pastures
12. paint horses
13. Old World maps
14. steamer trunks embellished with cargo labels
15. Airstream trailers
16. a white Mini Cooper
17. a weathered compass
18. passport stamps
19. my hardcover Webster’s College Edition dictionary with 1962 copyright
20. Psalm 91:1 in the New Living Translation

this particular topic was borrowed from list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy while My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name and by



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