September Listography | Day Nine


100 things that I love in the world, part 4
1.  Homemade Vanilla ice cream by Blue Bell
2.  homemade vanilla ice cream that’s actually home-made
3.  homemade vanilla ice cream plopped into a mug of Coca-Cola
4.  Coca-Cola Icee mixed with just a hint of cherry
5.  tart candy covered in a hard shell (think Nerds, Sprees, Skittles)
6.  Kraft caramels during the month of October
7.  mounds of pumpkins during the month of November
8.  apple pie with crumb topping and no pie shell
9.  Christmas music played on Thanksgiving afternoon
10. bare, winter trees strung with tiny white lights
11. moonlight reflecting off the water
12. a lone Adirondack chair on an empty beach
13. losing track of time while doing something I love
14. the way a really great book can change your mind about anything
15. the way a really great friend can accept when you won’t change your mind
16. the way all of my proclamations about not being a football fan get completely forgotten under the glare of Friday night (or Thursday night or Wednesday night) lights
17. playing Scrabble with a theme
18. playing Solitaire with an actual deck of cards
19. abandoning a board game and just reading the questions
20. making up the rules as you go along

this particular topic was borrowed from list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy while My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name and by



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  1. #14: WELL SAID. And I totally agree.
    #15: Also well said. These are the best kind of friends.
    #17: Can you believe I’ve never done this? I know. What’s up with that?
    #19: Also one of my favorite things. 🙂



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