September Listography | Day Eight


100 things that I love in the world, part 3
1.  the idea of spending a month or more in Australia
2.  the idea of living in London and taking the Chunnel to Paris at the drop of a hat
3.  the idea of traveling for a living and publishing my adventures
4.  the way that Google Reader makes it so easy to follow people who do just that
5.  the way that Evernote helps me keep track of my inspirations
6.  taking photos of the seemingly mundane things in life (almost) every day
7.  the way that improves my skills and sharpens my eye to the world around me
8.  looking at the world through someone else’s eyes
9.  movies and books that take me to other places and different times, allowing me to live vicariously for now
10. the movie Jumper (yes, I said it)
11. and also Hayden Christensen (yes, I’m going to see Takers, too)
12. and Jamie Bell, because he first charmed me in Jumper
13. a Scottish dialect
14. an Irish brogue
15. a slow Southern drawl (as opposed to a sharp Texas twang)
16. the idea of taking a cross-country road trip with a best friend and traveling along Route 66
17. WigWam motels
18. the music of the Eagles
19. the majesty of the Utah landscape
20. The Electric Horseman movie

this particular topic was borrowed from list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy while My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name



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