favorite new “She’s so cool!” actress

I’m all about the actors, you know, and believe that movies are only as good as the people playing the characters. If I see Christian Bale or Jodie Foster or Harrison Ford in a film, I expect it to be a quality production with a complex story. If it’s a movie featuring Steven Seagal, that’s an entirely different animal. That’s just the way it is. And while actors can certainly jump between serious drama and explosive action without damaging careers, there is still an expectation from certain actors that doesn’t allow many to transcend or descend past a certain level of craftsmanship. But thank Hollywood when they do!
Today I read a single blurb in EW’s Fall Movie Preview that said, “Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington star as Mossad agents hunting Nazis to collect on the THE DEBT.” Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington?!! Bless him, but Worthington just hasn’t reach a high level of esteem with me. I had great hopes for him when I first saw Terminator Salvation, but Avatar and then ::sigh:: Clash of the Titans put him firmly into a lesser category than people like James McAvoy, who can play frivolous roles and still come off as skilled and graceful. Matching Worthington with Mirren is either a stroke of genius or the craziest idea ever. And yet…
This makes Helen Mirren officially my favorite new “She’s so frakkin’ cool!” actress of the year! I mean, it’s Dame Helen! She does Shakespeare and British aristocrats. She’s played the Queen of England. The first Elizabeth and the reigning queen. She’s royalty in her own right. But this year our current generation has the privilege of seeing Mirren in a whole new light. First up is RED, in which she plays a former CIA agent who is part of a team now targeted by the Agency and on the run for their lives. Her team members? Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich. The film? Based on a graphic novel from DC Comics. Seriously? That’s pretty cool. She even went to Comic-Con this year to promote her work. Seriously. She’s also currently filming a role in the new Captain America movie. Seriously. The woman is cool. I never really put her in the same box as Angelina Jolie before, but I’m thinking Mirren just might be a great role model for Jolie! I have no problem imagining them cut from the same cloth. At least, not anymore.
Helen Mirren in 'Red'
image from ComingSoon.net and linked to source


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  1. But hey…Worthington is fun to look at! 🙂 I still think he has greatness in him, it’s just going to take some time to develop.

    Maybe Helen can help with that. 😉



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