September Listography | Day Six


100 things that I love in the world — part 1
1.  songs that take me back to a specific moment in time
2.  giant white clouds against a clear blue sky
3.  Edward Hopper’s work
4.  Picasso’s cubist period
5.  The Art Institue of Chicago
6.  foccaccia bread infused with rosemary and garlic
7.  my mother’s homemade rolls made from my grandmother’s recipe
8.  thick and crinkly French fries
9.  slurping the foam off a freshly poured glass of Coca-Cola
10. three hour lunches with a good friend
11. the late-night hours when everyone else is asleep
12. memories of living in my university dorm
13. the soundtrack to Urban Cowboy (see #1)
14. the current state of country music and how it hearkens back to my youth
15. the way my niece calls me “AJ” using two drawn-out syllables for each letter
16. the way the second boy speaks to me of Star Wars each and every time we see each other
17. the fact that I saw Star Wars at the cinema on its first run in 1977
18. the fact that I was born the year of Woodstock and the Moon Landing
19. being inspired by other people’s life stories
20. finding inspiration in my own life story

this particular topic was taken from list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy while My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name



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  1. I’m proud of #18 myself… :^)


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