Monday Movie List ~ A List of Favorites

I’m going to force myself to list only one title per category, although the truth is that I could easily go on and on for most of these. Yet in the interest of touching ’em all, here are the favorite titles that come to mind today.
Favorite Comedy: The Princess Bride
Favorite Romance: The Man From Snowy River
Favorite Sci-Fi: Minority Report
Favorite Animated: Wall-E
Favorite Disaster Flick: Independence Day
Favorite Sports Movie: The Natural
Favorite Holiday Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
Favorite Thriller (because I don’t do Horror): Jaws
Favorite Musical: My Fair Lady
Favorite Literary Adaptation: The Forsyte Saga (technically a mini-series, but still my favorite)
Favorite Classic: The Philadelphia Story
Favorite Epic: Lord of the Rings
Favorite Chick Flick: While You Were Sleeping
Movie I Can Watch Ad Nauseum: That Thing You Do!



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