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I know that I am a TV junkie. Even moreso than movies in recent years, I’ve come to use television as my go-to entertainment, finding more and more series and specials and, yes, even a reality show or two, to waste away all the hours I spend at home. And yet, I never really consider it a waste, per se. For me, film is a pleasure, both large and small screen. It’s been part of my life since I was born — Sesame Street debuted that same year, and my mother was probably thrilled! — and when two more sisters came along, television was one of the most effective tools for keeping us from tormenting each other. As I grew older, it became a shared family event with us and our parents tuning in each week to specific series that we all loved. I’m thankful to have grown up in an era when TV was much more trustworthy; not a lot of shows had to be monitored for content like most everything on the screen today. It was a good time for a tv-loving kid!
My tastes in entertainment haven’t varied much in all these years, either. I still love the cop dramas and crime shows like my family always watched in the 70s and 80s. But now I also appreciate a singularly great comedy (not many, but there are one or two) and science fiction serials and even a couple of competitive reality shows and straight-up dramas from time to time. For me, it’s always about the characters themselves and the actors involved more than the subject matter. And now that I think about it, that’s pretty much how it was in my youth, as well. Funny how everything changes and everything stays the same.
Taking a look at my planned TV schedule for the fall (Yes, I have a planned schedule… on a spreadsheet, no less! Don’t judge me.), I see a few returning series that are still exciting and a couple of shows that had a great season ending in the spring and made me want to know what came next. Plus, there are quite a few new series that also seem interesting. Who knows how many will hold up to the hype? Right now, they all have promise, and that makes me excited for the next season! Here’s a look at what I have planned.
16 crime dramas, cop shows, and mystery-type series, including the return of Fringe, the CSIs, the NCIS-es, Castle, Criminal Minds, and Human Target. Some of the new series I’m looking forward to are Blue Bloods (those invisible strings to Donnie Wahlberg are again at work!), Chase (love me some Cole Hauser and Amaury Nolasco!), and Body of Proof starring the ever-wonderful Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan.
13 straight-up dramas, including Parenthood, The Good Wife, plus new series Lone Star, My Generation, and The Whole Truth (thank you, Rob Morrow, for not going away). I’ll also embark on another season’s journey with Grey’s Anatomy, because they had a riveting season-ender in the spring and they still employ Kevin McKidd (who is the only reason I endured the past seasons in the first place). And I shall continue with Private Practice as it attempts to pull itself out of the downward spiral. It’s not a good series but it features one of my favorite casts with Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman, and Paul Adelstein keeping me interested.
6 comedy series, which is surprising as I always proclaim to dislike them, but I have found some fun hour-long series that consistently make me laugh, as well as two sitcoms that I can endure without effort. Those series include Glee (of course), The Good Guys (which steadily grew on me until I loved loved loved the nuttiness of it), The Big Bang Theory and The Office (if Jim and Pam ever leave, I’m done with that one). I’m also going to check out No Ordinary Family in hopes it might be similar to The Incredibles, and of course I’ll follow Psych wherever it travels.
5 competitive reality shows, which is all that interests me in that “genre.” I’m a sucker for The Amazing Race, Project Runway, Top Chef and its new incarnation, Top Chef: Just Desserts, plus I can’t seem to quit Survivor. If Jeff Probst ever bows out, I think that’s the point where I’ll leave too. It’s his snarky commentary that still keeps the show interesting to me. And every once in a while there is a competitor who totally charms me. But that’s more and more rare with each season.
The count of series is high, I realize, and most of these shows will probably stay on my schedule throughout the season as long as the networks continue to air them, but as I said in the beginning, this is my entertainment love. The DVR works overtime to keep up and I watch as much as possible each night so that my brain doesn’t churn through the many worrisome and distracting things it would if I didn’t keep it filled with less important matter. It’s my best defense against an overactive mind. And I love it, too! It connects me to my family as many of us watch the same shows and love to discuss theories and reactions. Which is how my love for TV began in the first place and why I will never apologize for it.


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  1. It’s going to be a busy year. 😉



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