Sunday Seven :: Best Popcorn Entertainment of the Summer


In no particular order, these have been my favorite entertainments of the summer, viewing-wise.

The many tv series on the TNT and USA networks, including Leverage, Dark Blue, White Collar, Burn Notice, Memphis Beat, Rizzoli & Isles, Covert Affairs, and Psych. The best television is happening on cable!

Rubicon on AMC. It reminds me of 70s-era thrillers like Three Days of the Condor crossed with A Beautiful Mind. And it stars an old favorite of mine, James Badge Dale. It’s like I created this show all on my own!

Salt. The more I think about it, the more I love it. It’s the best kind of summer movie: none-too-heavy, action-packed, with beloved actors and characters that continue to resonate after the credits roll.

Summer Under the Stars on TCM, as well as the movies from 31 Days of Oscar that still linger in my DVR. One of my all-time greatest pleasures is, and has always been, film marathons featuring favorite actors. And when those movies are pre-80s classics, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Gilmore Girls: The Luke and Lorelai Romance. I’ve never returned to the entire series of Gilmore Girls, but when I ran across the beginning of the Luke & Lorelai episodes I knew I had to watch them to the end. For me, it’s the best part of the series, and the added bonus of Lane and Zack’s romance plus the Rory/Logan story just reminds me how incredible the series was and how little has come along since that can compare. I’m laughing like I’ve never seen these episodes before.

Top Chef on Bravo. Every time I watch, I get hungry. But I’m also just amazed at what the chefs can do in such little time. I also like that this season has less D-R-A-M-A than previous years, which means more focus on the important part: all that amazing food.

The Expendables, not because it’s a good film — truth be told, I haven’t even seen it yet and don’t expect it to be a good film — but because it’s the literal definition of “popcorn flick.” Any action film that combines ALL of the major action stars of the past twenty years along with a few tough guys who haven’t even been seen for most of those years, well… it just begs to be seen! And with much popcorn and a crowd full of people who can appreciate Stallone, Willis, Schwarzeneggar, Rourke, and Dolph Lundgren. I can’t imagine anything better for the sweltering days of summer.
The Expendables
Yes, Stallone’s image is missing from that display. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, people?!?


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  1. Still love The Closer and Law & Order!!

    And you.


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