it’s not Friday, but I’m in love

All this month Turner Classic Movies has been focusing on a single Hollywood star each day, running marathons of their respective movies for 24 hours at a time. What I didn’t realize was that the site also has accompanying posters for each of these 31 stars. If there’s anything I love more than movies, it’s movie art. And the ones at TCM are simply divine. These are my favorites, but you can see all 31 designs at the TCM’s Summer Under the Stars.
Summer Under the Stars
Paul Newman
Summer Under the Stars
Steve McQueen
Summer Under the Stars
Lauren Bacall
Summer Under the Stars
Ingrid Bergman
Summer Under the Stars
Elizabeth Taylor
Summer Under the Stars
Warren Beatty
Summer Under the Stars
Olivia de Havilland
Summer Under the Stars
Norma Shearer
Summer Under the Stars
Katharine Hepburn
I admit I’m a bit disappointed in this one, as it’s not immediately recognizable as the Great Kate. But then I have to wonder: is there an iconic image that is unmistakably Kate Hepburn and also works in silhouette? Perhaps a full length image in wide-legged trousers? That’s something to ponder!
Summer Under the Stars
Errol Flynn
Summer Under the Stars
Clint Eastwood
Summer Under the Stars
Peter O’Toole
One of my top three favorites within the set (along with Newman and McQueen). Not only is it obvious and iconic, but it evokes the same emotion I feel each time I watch Lawrence of Arabia. Which is the mark of great art, after all!



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  1. THESE ARE AWESOME!! But whereas you’re upset for Kate’s not being iconic enough, I’m disappointed that Ingrid’s is SO iconic. She had such presence, even beyond Casablanca… But these are still GREAT!!



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