not something you see every day

This summer I’ve been developing a novella for my best good friend Cerella, and part of that story included a place of respite for the main character that was completely in my imagination. Until I drove past that very location just a couple of weeks ago. The image in my mind had come to life:
What I never dreamed, however, is what kind of residents would inhabit that place of my dreams. I expected the horses in the fenced field to the right, but never in a million years did I envision camels. On a horse farm. In North Texas! Just the two of them, sharing a pond with a family of ducks. It’s just not something you see every day.


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Posted on 11 August 2010, in Lists I Keep and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Oh, MYYYY! How cool that you are cowriting with Cerella!!!

    And camels?!!! That should grab a few readers.



    • Well, actually, Patti… I’m not cowriting with Cerella but am actually writing FOR her. But the camels won’t be included. It would make a fun addition but doesn’t really fit my locale. LOL


  2. Well. That’s different. =D



  3. Hmm….my mind wanders to the WHY??? Camels aren’t likely for pets, nor do I think they are a viable food source….interesting to say the least!


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