Sunday Seven :: celebrating the girl’s sweet sixteen


Kiwi's sweet sixteenThis past weekend was a celebration of our Kiwi’s Sweet Sixteen, so today’s post is completely in her honor. Here are seven things I love about the missy. (Be sure to click the photo for full image.)
1. She is rarely too shy to step out for something (or someone) she’s interested in — even though she doesn’t see how beautiful and talented she is. I dream of being that courageous.
2. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and to her family.
3. She loves (and knows) the music of the 80s almost as much as those of us who lived it. And it’s reflected in her personal style, as well.
4. She is ambitious and has big dreams, but she also wants to make a lot happen right now.
5. She values her environment and absolutely loves living in a small country town. Once, while standing on a well-lit street, she told me it made her sad to not see the stars in the sky. She finds beauty and joy in the expanse of wide-open spaces.
6. When she laughs, her eyes light up and her beauty is intensified. I love that the laughter comes easily.
7. What I love most of all is the way she looks for opportunities to help people and have fun in the process. And that spirit is contagious.
Kiwi Chelle is truly a remarkable young woman with a great sense of herself, and it makes me very proud to tell people that she is my niece. Though the first sixteen years have just flown by for me, I’m so excited to see where our girl is headed as she moves from adolescence into adulthood. What I’m absolutely certain of is that she’s destined to be amazing. And I couldn’t love her more.


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  1. So cool! I wish I knew my second cousin (is that right?) better.


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