retro photo month :: day twenty-one

While sorting through family photos for this month-long project, I came across this photo of my mom that I had never seen before. I couldn’t stop looking at it. She’s stunning! My mom has always been beautiful, has always been photogenic, but this particular one really stopped me. I can’t get over how striking her beauty is here, how completely amazing she looks. I assumed this was one of her young adult photos, but when I asked she determined it was taken her sophomore year… of high school. High school! For comparison I have included my sophomore photo. I mean, seriously? My mom looked like that her sophomore year and I looked like this?!? Where’s the justice? Where she was all blonde and peaches and cream, I was deathly pale with bad hair, heavy dark brows, freckled pubescent features, and braces on my teeth. ::sigh:: Truly no justice.

 Mom, sophomore year   Jules, sophomore year

this month’s photos

grade 8 middle school drill team circa 1980 grade 6 grade 5
scouts bluebird sisters granddaughters and the matriarch three 70s sisters
sisters in plaid sisters, circa 1972 circa 1971 me, circa 1971 circa 1970
me and my sisters back at the Texas State Capitol Senate Chamber, Texas State Capitol at the Texas State Capitol summer photo day one

Retro Photo Month was inspired by Elizabeth Dillow. Be sure to check out her own collection at {a swoop and a dart}.


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  1. Love seeing the comparison!!! 🙂


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