retro photo month :: day fourteen

This photo was taken in 1976. It was my seventh year. The year of America’s Bicentennial, complete with patriotic characters painted on fire hydrants (no lie!), and the one year that my family lived in Irving, Texas. And as the photo shows you, it was the year of Blue Birds. I’m thinking it may also have been one of my first years in glasses, which means the novelty had not yet worn off. What hadn’t begun in my life was a full-on passion for movies — that would come the following year with the release of Star Wars. It’s odd to me that I don’t remember much about myself at this age. I wonder why my life only comes back to me in snatches and shadows.


this month’s photos

sisters granddaughters and the matriarch three 70s sisters sisters in plaid
sisters, circa 1972 circa 1971 me, circa 1971 circa 1970
me and my sisters back at the Texas State Capitol Senate Chamber, Texas State Capitol at the Texas State Capitol summer photo day one

Retro Photo Month was inspired by Elizabeth Dillow. Be sure to check out her own collection at {a swoop and a dart}.


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  1. This is one of my favorites so far! Except that I miss the curls. =(


  2. This one is a favorite? Wow. Never fear… the curls will return! But it took quite a few years before I was comfortable with them. Seventies, ya know!


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