retro photo month :: day five

Just one more photo from our family adventures at the Texas State Capitol. This was was taken in 1981, and it just may have been our final vacation to Austin and San Antonio. We traveled that way several times in my childhood and the trip was mostly the same each time: a visit to the Alamo, a little stroll along the River Walk and maybe a boat ride on the river, a visit to the Capitol to see Uncle Preston‘s photo, and then a return trip through New Braunfels to pick up German pastries at the best little bakery and maybe some sausage and cheese. On occasion we would also stop by the clock shop to watch multiple cuckoos and a thousand timepieces chime at once, and we always, always spent time at an old miniature golf course in the area. Each and every time we went my dad would win a free round on the last hole — a coupon that never expired — and so we would have to return to the same course on our next trip just so he could do it all over again. Of course, that was also one of the highlights of these trips. To this day I love miniature golf because we had so much fun together while growing up. And though it seemed we returned to the same places again and again for any out-of-town vacations, I do have great memories of those days. My sisters and I enjoyed each other, more or less, and though I didn’t pay that close attention as a child, the history of our home state did come alive for us. When I began to study Texas history in 7th grade, it was nice to have the imagery in mind. The car rides could be fun, as well, in between the arguments with each other. When I think back to our road trips I remember travel bingo in which we had to locate such landmarks as road signs, tractors, silos, and the like, as well as the alphabet game that required us to spy words beginning with each letter in order. Despite our irritations with each other, my sisters and I really did enjoy these vacations and each have specific memories related to our trips down south.

            at the entrance to Texas State Capitol
              me and my sisters in a familiar spot at the Texas State Capitol

this month’s photos
          Senate Chamber, Texas State Capitol   at the Texas State Capitol   summer photo   day one

Retro Photo Month was inspired by Elizabeth Dillow. Be sure to check out her own collection at {a swoop and a dart}.


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  1. So…what’s the deal with that “I’m a Pepper” shirt? =D


    • I wondered who would be the first to ask about that shirt! Ha! Once upon a time that was my poison, but I think it’s mostly because (a) their marketing was cooler, (b) I got that shirt for free, and/or (c) Mom bought the groceries. I can tell you that the 80s were the last time I claimed DP as my drink. 🙂


  2. And Dad still carries a card for a free game just in case he ever goes there again.


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