retro photo month :: day four(th)

I spent a lot of time talking with my parents and trying to pinpoint the exact timing of this particular visit to the Capitol in Austin. The photos are not dated, but there are quite a few unusual characteristics that should provide the appropriate clues to solve the mystery…

  • My mom is in yesterday’s photo, which means my dad was taking it and that was highly unusual.
  • Mom’s clothing is not vacation attire and I’m in a tiny little sundress, which would signify spring or even summer but why the jacket on my mom? Special occasion or event? Are we on the way to somewhere else and Austin was a rest stop?
  • We toured the Capitol and were able to visit the Senate Chamber. How often did that happen?
  • My age can’t be more than 3 or 4, evidenced by the length of my hair and my height, but if I’m that old then where is my younger sister who was born before my third birthday? If she was with us, wouldn’t she also be in the photos? And if she wasn’t with us, wouldn’t my parents remember taking a trip without her?

My parents and I talked and talked about everything in the photos and still they couldn’t remember when this trip was taken! All we know for certain is that it’s during the early 1970s. But beyond that we have no memory of this moment in time. Amazing! And a word of warning to all young families out there. You will not remember so be sure to write it all down.

      Senate Chamber of the Texas State Capitol   Senate Chamber of the Texas State Capitol
      Senate Chamber at the Texas State Capitol

this month’s photos
at the Texas State Capitol   summer photo   day one

Retro Photo Month was inspired by Elizabeth Dillow. Be sure to check out her own collection at {a swoop and a dart}.


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