final(e) thoughts on LOST

Although the week will be filled with continuing debate on the finale of LOST, I would be remiss in not summing up my own thoughts on the series and its final bow. I’ve mentioned my frustration with the series during its beginning years, but I was always just interested enough to continue. And each season seemed to end on a newly exciting note, making me want to see it to the very end. That day finally arrived on Sunday, and I feel satisfied and ready to let it go. The bulk of my questions were answered during this final season, and the overarching mystery of the island was finally revealed. I accept those answers, for the most part, and don’t feel cheated. I feel like most characters were given complete stories, and I am thankful that the big final reveal was left open to some interpretation. It seems fitting that a show built so much on fan speculation should leave some loose threads for fans to unravel on their own. And yet, I feel that the story was wrapped up quite neatly at the same time. Which is what I had hoped for and what gives me the satisfaction to move on to the next TV phenomenon.
I’m happy to let LOST live on in infamy, and I will take with me some favorite characters (Charlie, Desmond, Juliet + Sawyer, Richard Alpert, Daniel Faraday, and the dichotomous brothers of the island), as well as favorite episodes (The Constant, Ab Aeterno, Across the Sea, and Through the Looking Glass ). And after pondering the finale for hours after it ended, I am happily resigned to its conclusion and subscribe to its revelation that island occurrences were real but Season 6’s “Sideways” world was nothing more than a supernatural state of being in which the characters awaited their final place of peace. It’s not the way I expected it to end, but I can settle into that final act and accept it as satisfactory. Which is all I really wanted from the series anyway. LOST was compelling and brave in that it never tried to dumb itself down for the viewers, and after a rocky start it truly embraced itself as a science fiction series. And I love the creators for not backing away from that. I hope it has set a precedent for network television in the future, and I hope networks will give other series the chances they need to develop a grand story that is not easily wrapped up in one hour or even one season. We viewers can handle it, and we want it! LOST has proven this to be true, and all of us fans are better for it. We bid farewell to a compelling world, and we hope it has changed the TV landscape for the better.


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  1. Well, well said. I loved that it’s going to continue to be one of those shows where, when fans find each other, we start gushing about our favorite elements and what we thought of the conclusion. I love that they held to the idea of anything being possible. 🙂


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