birthday four-one

My birthday is most definitely my favorite time of the year, and I won’t accept that I am allowed only one day. Instead, I take one birthday and 30 unbirthdays to celebrate my birth month! This year was actually quite nice, almost every day of the month. My health improved from the dreadful February days, and my family and friends made the days fun and the gifts even greater. And though I spent almost every evening continuing work that couldn’t be accomplished during the days at the office, I never felt burdened by it. Rather, I’ve been very inspired lately, full of creative energy and overflowing with story ideas. I love that my birthday occurs on the cusp of spring. It always makes the transition from winter feel like a special event. This year has been just that.
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Birthday 41 Birthday 41
green laptop bag, purchased for myself with gift card from my boss
my 2009 posts in book form, compiled by my best good friend, the fabulous Cerella D Sechrist
iHome alarm clock, purchased with same gift card from office folk
the cutest little piggy bank on earth, from my nephews and sister and brother-in-law
a little birthday cake, lemon-raspberry butter cream, to be precise — another gift to myself

two lunches — one celebrated on the actual day with my friend Meredith and the other solo, using one of my many free birthday coupons
the coolest flatware I’ve ever seen, from my parents, who know how I’m enticed by bright and shiny things and how much I love circles and dots

There were a few other goodies, as well, including a nifty kitchen knife that I asked everyone in my family to gift me and some fun little trinkets from Cerella that just made every day special as I opened one at a time on the days leading to my actual birthday. But the best part of the entire month has been knowing how much I am loved and cherishing the fact that every single gift was thoughtful and personal to me.
Which is exactly what my birthday is meant to be.


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  1. Such a catchy title to this post! I loved it!


  2. Happy, happy birthday!@ Had forgotten this yet another thing we shared!!!!!


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