a week in this life: Thursday

I’ve mentioned here before how selfish I am with my weekends, how each weeknight I try to accomplish all those pesky but necessary little errands so I don’t have to leave my apartment on Saturdays. I cherish those moments of solitude. But before I can get to isolation Saturday, I have to spend my evenings at the grocery store, the book store, putting new tires on the car and dropping off this thing or that at my sister’s house. I’ll make five or six stops at various stores in search of a perfect gift, and I’ll even spend a few hours just wandering aisles to relax and clear my mind. I enjoy it, too. I enjoy spending those hours during the week accomplishing my To Do List just so I can keep the weekend clear of obligation. There is a sense of accomplishment in the process and a sense of freedom in knowing that my Saturdays are open for whatever I choose. Even if I choose to do nothing at all.
Tonight… I’m loving the extra daylight hours.
Tonight… I managed to stay on task and in budget.
Tonight… I avoided the bright and shiny things. With ease.
And there were some very appealing bright and shiny things.
Bring on the weekend.


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