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March 23, 2010 ~ a little checkup
Throughout my life, having blood drawn has been a truly traumatic event. With my near-transparent skin the veins always appear to be robust and easily accessible when, in fact, they are deep and very difficult to pierce. They roll and sink and generally oppose being stuck with needles. One of my earliest memories at a doctor’s office is being poked again and again and again by an incompetent lab tech to the point where I was crying miserably just to get it over with. This experience was repeated over and over again as I grew up, and I developed a paranoid fear of needles. It was only last year, my 40th year, that I found myself in a lab with a tech who knew exactly where to prick and open the vein on the first attempt. She does it every single time.
On this day… I felt nothing. Not even a tiny prick.
On this day… I lost my fear of going to the doctor’s office for blood work.
On this day… a milestone was passed.
And I got a really cool bandage, too!


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  1. I love that you actually took a picture of the needle-in-vein. That IS progress. =D


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