3 green things

Green is actually my favorite color. I’m partial to lime shades and sage tints, and I am drawn to anything that has an interesting pattern. I’m also drawn to everything Irish, so St. Patrick’s Day is especially fun for me. In honor of this day (with thanks to Stacy Julian for the suggestion), here are three green things that I love.

my dishesMy green dishes, acquired in a closeout discount store for a steal. It doesn’t matter what I put on these plates and in these bowls, it always tastes better when eaten from these containers.
And all things Wicked
I never knew I could love something so much that I haven’t even experienced completely, but the music alone has sustained me for years and made me such a fan. This year, finally, I get my chance to see the production on stage. My heart just might explode.
office trinkets
Bright, shiny office trinkets. Of which this is just a small sample. Office supply stores are my personal heaven, and if something comes in lime green then I’ll likely put out the cash to bring it home. I have to stay away, in fact, because I would just as soon buy a new desk tray than groceries. Because groceries are fleeting, but a tape dispenser could last a lifetime!

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  1. I’m not a lime green fan so much (sage green, forest green – absolutely!), but Carissa and Mom like the bright colors like lime green. Still…I may have to steal those dishes of yours.

    And the tape dispenser remark? Priceless! 😉


  2. Fun to read about your favorite things. Ever since my trip to the land o’ a thousand shades of green, I love EVERYTHING green.

    P.S. Love the dishes!


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