leisurely lunch in a pub (#34 of 40 things)

There’s no good reason I waited until the final week of my 40th year to spend a leisurely lunch in a pub, but I’m so glad I made the time for #34 on my 40 Things list. My intent was to dine on a truly British entree but during this week I was still recovering from a terrible bout with a nasty virus, so I played it safe and went for the standard fish ‘n chips. I do plan to return for the Scotch Egg, and it’ll definitely happen before my next birthday rolls around, but my choice on this day was the perfect option. And lunch was delightful, allowing me time to return to my much-delayed reading and just be still. The pub was quiet on this Monday and I was one of only 5 people dining on the lower level, but the gray weather and steady rain seemed most appropriate for this goal. And so I crossed one more item off the list.
#34: leisurely pub lunch  #34: leisurely pub lunch
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  1. That is such a good-lookin’ book there. And the fish and chips look outstanding as well. In the words of Rachael Ray: Yum-o! 🙂


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