Oscar Ritual 2010 : UP IN THE AIR

January 22, 2010 at Studio Movie Grill, Addison Texas
Up in the Air
To be honest, I was on the fence about seeing Up in the Air. On the one hand, reviews have been glowing, and there was initially much talk of Academy Award nominations. I love actress Vera Farmiga and have always enjoyed the work of director Jason Reitman. But on the other hand, I’ve come to mistrust the movies of George Clooney in recent years, and with the film getting an R rating, I was very hesitant. It came down to two simple things: free tickets + lack of other titles that both my friend and I agreed upon. This time, it all turned out for the best.
Up in the Air is even better than the word of mouth has declared. It is funny and touching and poignant, and all of the main characters are well-developed and gifted with sharp dialogue and genuine personalities. They are, in truth, like real people you would meet in real life. And I can’t really remember many movies lately that felt like that. Clooney is finally back to the level of acting that made him great in television, and Vera Farmiga is simply radiant. She provides the film with such spark and depth, and her character has more layers than any other in the movie… though it’s not completely evident until her story plays out completely. And then there is the much-praised newcomer, Anna Kendrick, playing the naïve, young go-getter shadowing Clooney’s veteran corporate downsizer. She is vibrant in every scene, stealing them out from under everyone she plays opposite. The beauty of this cast is that the two older actors graciously play to Kendrick’s scene stealing turn, making this a true ensemble film despite its central star.
I was very, very impressed with Up in the Air and found myself hanging on every word and rooting for each of the characters, even when those characters were in opposition. It made for a delightful movie-going experience! This is a film that can be seen again and again without ever becoming tired. And if the Academy is going to honor it, I believe that’s well-deserved.
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