celebrating my parents

weddingToday my parents celebrate 43 years of marriage. A very long time ago they made a verbal promise to each other, in front of me and my sisters, to never divorce and to work through anything that threatened their relationship and us as a family. As their oldest child, born only two years into their marriage, I’ve been witness to some critical moments in their partnership, and I’ve seen them fight vehemently to restore harmony. I’ve seen tears and anguish and mistrust and honest, wrenching pain, and then I’ve seen them come through all of it into a more stable, more loving, more deeply committed relationship than either probably ever imagined possible. They are a true success story and a testament to making it work no matter the cost. I am blessed have witnessed this. I am blessed to have such an example in my life. The fact that they are now stronger, healthier and more in love than ever before is not lost on me, and should there come a day when I find myself considering marriage I will have no fears and no rose-colored views. I’ll know exactly what to expect and what will be required of me. Because of my parents, I know that love can last a lifetime.
Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! We are so blessed that God gave us to you.
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