one little word for 2010

Each year, the highly inspirational Ali Edwards presents a challenge to choose One Little Word for the year. One little word to focus and meditate and act upon throughout the year. One little word that acts as a touchpoint for making the year fuller and richer and brimming with purpose. I’ve considered choosing a specific word these past few years but never really honed in on one specific thing. But this year, as soon as Ali posted the challenge, I knew what my word would be.


This word came to me from a simple statement of prayer posted by a minister friend back in early December: “Lord, fill my sails in 2010.” I felt its impact immediately — a sense of refreshing, of opening my arms to the Spirit of God and feeling His power rush beside me, carry me. It was the most powerful visual I’d had all year. And as I thought about how to create action from the word itself, how to be purposeful with it, I decided that 2010 is here for me to set out without restriction. For me to hoist the sails and allow God to take me where He will. For me to resist setting my own path and, instead, allow the winds of change to move me forward. For me to stand back and SAIL along… at God’s pace instead of my own. That is my prayer, and that is my purpose for 2010.
See the complete list of chosen Words at Ali Edwards’s blog.



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  1. So many poignant songs utilize this word.

    So hoist up the John B. sails, See how the main-sail sets. Call for the Captain ashore, let me go home. Let me go home, I wanna go home. Well, I feel so broke up, I wanna go home.

    Sailin’ takes me away to where I want to be…

    A favorite memory is Charlie and Bucky and Ann and Joan, sprawled out on the main deck, the wind rippling their hair…



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