It’s been lost for 3 months now. Just one of many, many things that hide from me in my disheveled flat. And then tonight, while changing clothes, I laid down my watch and saw it.
Right there. The whole time.
Still searching for:

  • one flash drive, emblazoned with Leverage on the case (a promotional item from TNT network) — last seen in winter 2008
  • one small lap desk, featuring fabric in an Old World map print — last seen in October 2005, upon moving into my apartment
  • three packages of self-stick cardboard easel backs to turn 4×6 photos to instant frames — last seen December 2007 when I opted not to use them for a Christmas gift and put them away where I would be sure to find them again (yeah, right.)

Update: Just as I was reviewing this post for publication, I noticed another FOUND thing in the very photo I had just taken. Didn’t see it earlier when I took the photo. Just when I posted it here. These have been lost for at least 2 months.
Time to clear the dresser.



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  1. My mind consists of fragments and snippets and shards.

    Welcome to the club!!
    Love you,


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