Christmas favorite: the lights

I find great joy in driving around town and seeing the Christmas light displays on individual homes and entire neighborhoods. It is one of my favorite Christmas season activities, in fact! I do remember some moments in my childhood when my parents piled me and my sisters in the car to see the lights, but it’s not a prominent memory that brings nostalgia. Instead, I have found personal enjoyment in driving around solo and discovering lighted homes quite by accident. This month, with the evenings becoming dark by the time I leave my office, I have taken to exploring new areas of my town in hopes of finding beautiful light displays. And while I have found quite a few lovely homes, you must understand that I live in a smallish Texas town, so the chances are equally good that I will find overdone, random messes of light. Which actually delights me almost as much! Here are my favorites, so far…
I ran upon this home by accident after chasing down a lighted train wreck of a display. Since it delighted me so much in the darkness, I made a point to return in daylight for a better view. It is my absolute favorite, perhaps of any year. And the little surprise it held just might be what makes me so giddy for it.

favorite Christmas home
   Do you see the surprise?
favorite Christmas home
   Look closer:
  favorite Christmas home
Even though I’ve now seen those cute little guys a few more times, no other home has displayed them in such an adorable and unexpected manner. I have never loved a Christmas display quite so much in my life!

View some other favorite displays at Flickr:
favorite Christmas home

Now, my favorite Failed Display was so ridiculous that I veered off the main road after seeing it and drove in circles, in the dark, through an unfamiliar neighborhood, just trying to locate the house. I needed a picture! What makes me love it so much is how you can tell an effort went into this, but still it looks like no one thought to check their work after dark. It’s just so wild! I can’t help but wonder if the designer thought maybe those cords between the tree and the house wouldn’t actually light up after all? So ridiculous! But don’t you just love it!?!


Check out a few more:
favorite display failures

Of course, there are some things that delight me regardless of how well or how badly they are put together. Absolutely nothing can surpass seeing my Savior’s name in lights. As it should be.
the Reason for Christmas

Documenting the days of Christmas was inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily project and the Holidays in Hand class by Jessica Sprague.


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  1. We watched a synchronized light show Friday night ASSEMBLED BY AN 18-YEAR-OLD!!!

    Tens of thousands of blinking lights and Mannheim Steamroller, among others.

    And all in Normal!!
    Merry Christmas, Cousin!!!
    Love you,


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